Know the Blogger!

Know the Blogger!

Hola! I am Nachiketh, a bookstagrammer/blogger from Bangalore, India. I am a doctor-in-the-making who has an uncontrolled love for book and bookish merchandise! Juggling medicine and books can be pretty hard, but guess who has learnt to manage both now? Me!

I love reading Young Adult and Middle Grade novels (though I guess I lean more towards Middle Grade), science fiction and fantasy being my favorite genre! And does the book have a map? Shove it in my face and I will immediately dive into it! I am also a die-hard fan of bookish merchandise and book subscription boxes (The space is running out at my place for both of these haha).

I am a TV-show addict and I am a huge fan of shows like Stranger Things, Game of Thrones and Sherlock (I could go on, but it would fill up the entire page! When I am not reading books (or studying, for that matter) you can find me glued to my laptop binge-watching a show on Netflix or Prime! I am a huge MCU fan (you are one too? Hit me up! Let’s fangirl together!) I am also a huge sucker for animated movies! Believe me when I say I can sing Let It Go from Frozen in seven languages without making a single mistake!

I am unapologetically queer (AF, you can say). Want to brag about book boyfriends all day long? I’m your man! It should be of no surprise here that I LOVE reading books with LGBTQIA+ themes (M/M romances *winks*) 

You can connect with me on Instagram here:

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Phew! That was a bucketload of information! I don’t want to hold you back any longer! Feel free to explore my blog!

6 thoughts on “Know the Blogger!

  1. I have read all your blogs and let me tell you honestly , you are one of the best bloggers I have ever seen
    Would love more blogs from you !!

    Eagerly looking forward to it !

    Liked by 1 person

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