Review Policy

Review Policy

Hiya! I am a lover of all things Middle Grade and YA, but I would like to throw light on a few things before accepting a book for review.

Here is a list of genres I accept:

  • Middle Grade (Any sub-genre is okay. I love everything MG!)
  • Young Adult
    • Fantasy
    • Science Fiction
    • Contemporary
    • Romance
    • Books with underlying LGBTQIA+ themes

These are the genres I wouldn’t accept:

  • Horror
  • Mystery Thriller
  • Adult Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Picture Books
  • Spiritual
  • Religious
  • Sex and Erotica

I usually post my reviews here on my blog, on Instagram and on Goodreads (click here to check out my Goodreads  account!) I can also post mini-reviews on Amazon and other e-commerce sites if desired. 

I only accept physical copies of books (finished copies or ARCs). I do not accept e-books or Audiobooks as I am not very comfortable with either format. 

Please take into account the fact that I am in medical school at the moment (it can get pretty hectic sometimes!) and I would require 4-6 weeks to post a review for said book. I would also like to mention that I am completely honest with my reviews and if I end up not liking a book, I would not hesitate to state the same. Not every book can appeal to everyone, right?

My reviews are usually interactive and would seem like I am having a conversation with the reader through my review! I find this really useful as I am mostly reviewing MG//YA and my fellow booknerds would definitely not want to read a review written in a critique form. 

 Here is a blueprint of my reviews:

  • Cover
  • Title of the Book
  • Name of the Author
  • Page Count
  • Publisher
  • Genre
  • Source
  • Blurb (from Goodreads)
  • My Star Rating
  • My Thoughts and Opinions

Here is a guide to my ratings:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS! Go pick up this book RIGHT NOW! You will NOT regret it!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – WOW! This is a great book!

⭐⭐⭐ – Good! But it could have been better.

⭐⭐ – Meh. This was so not for me.

⭐ – Ugh. This put me in a reading slump (in a bad sense).

Now we’re all clear! However, if you have any queries or I have missed something out, you can shoot a mail to or contact me through the contact form under the Menu. 

Looking forward to reviewing your book!


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